Controlling Counts and Drillmania DVD

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  • Two Title DVD taped "Live" at National Sports Clinics Pitching Clinic in Kanasas City includes Controlling Pitcher’s Counts and Pitching Drillmania.
  • In this 2 topic DVD Kirk Walker will give you plenty of drills to help improve your pitcher’s speed, accuracy, mechanics, and movement pitches.
  • Michelle Gromacki will show you a variety of fundamentals & drills to strengthen your catcher and improve her skills.
  • Cindy Bristow will teach pitchers how to work pitch counts in pressure game situations. She explains how pitch counts can and will lead to walks and poor pitch selections. She will teach your pitchers how to dominate the hitters by using counts to their advantage and limiting the number of walks during a game.
  • Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes